Tavel log: Royal Yacht Britannia, Scotland

I have been to Edinburgh on several occasions; on one trip there I had a chance to visit Royal Yacht Britannia, the decommissioned state yacht of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Please visit Royal Yacht Britannia, Edinburgh, Scotland – Blog |
H.M. Yacht Britannia

Even though it is called a yacht, to my impression though, it looks more like a proper ship rather than a personal yacht. From the outside, it is just like any other passenger ships anywhere.

The bridge


The stern

As a state yacht, it served more than just a transportation. In fact, it is the very definition of a floating palace. It is fitted with a state drawing room (a.k.a. a living room), a state dining room, wardrooms, antechambers, reading rooms (a.k.a. offices), and a bedroom for each member of the royal family.

Drawing room
State dining room
Her Majesty’s bedroom

Of course luxuries are not the only necessity of a palace, also is the security. Apart from the usual sailors’ quarters, the royal yacht also features Royal Marines’ Barracks, officer offices, a bar, and even a surgery-capable sickbay.

A barrack
A sickbay

After Britannia was decommissioned there is no other ship to take its place. I understand the issue about tax spending and such, but it still quite a shame such a fantastic ship has no descendant.

The bell of Britannia


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