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The best teabag: rectangular, round, pyramid?

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There is a dispute between two major UK’s biggest tea producers: Tetley and PG Tips. The dispute is about which teabag is better, pyramid or round. Tetley recently complained to British Advertising Standard Agency (ASA) that PG Tips’s advertisement is misleading. The advertisement states that pyramid teabags allows more room for tea to move and results in better taste. The ASA unsurprisingly dismissed the complain, given all the technical evidence PG Tips provided. Many watchdogs also agree that pyramid teabag indeed has a better brewing efficiency.

My question is this: is the brewing efficiency that important? My answer is no. A high brewing efficiency shows that tea brews faster and has a stronger taste given the same amount of time. Now, what is more important between a good tea quality and a faster brew?
All the tea lovers would say a good quality. Let’s look at a comparison…

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