Eat around the world @ Cosmo Sheffield

First of all, I must warn any readers before proceed further that I don’t normally write a food review. In fact, this is going to be my first review of the sort. But for some reasons I think it has some value to my local, multicultural communities.

I happened to get to a new restaurant in Sheffield called “Cosmo“. It is a new “Pan Asian and world banquet” buffet franchise opening across the UK. Because it’s an “All-you-can-eat” place and I was hungry, so I decided to give it a try.

Their website said about a stunning restaurant, and indeed the place was stunning enough for me.

There were quite a lot of people waiting to be served at the time. Still, the inside looked as good as outside.

cosmo03Now that I was seated, let’s look at their food.


Their food ranges from the far east; Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean, Indian, to the west; European, Italian, British, down to South American.(Or at least it’s what they said on the paper.) Now that’s a lot of food to cover, let’s start from the far east.

My starter, from the far east of course, was ready.


So we had Japanese Sushi, Chinese Dim Sum, Fried Chicken, and Thai prawn cracker. What else did we have?

Japanese: Sushi (すし) and Teppanyaki (鉄板焼き – Japanese hot plate) are their choice.

cosmo06cosmo07They was replenishing their food all the time so no need to worry about food running out. What about the taste? Well, not one of the mind blowing sushi I had in the UK. But it’s what you could expect from any All-you-can-eat place.

Chinese: various Chinese snack (such as prawn cracker or sesame bread), variety of Dim Sum,  Peking duck, and your common Chinese food; fried rice, chow mein, sweet and sour chicken, beef in black been source, etc.

cosmo08The taste was ok. Dim sum was about the average Dim Sum you can buy from Chinese shop. Hot food tasted good enough for me.

It’s time for the main course now. And that brought us to Indian food.

cosmo09Well, some Chinese food was also here. I got egg-fried rice with sweet and sour chicken. The rest were Indian Tikka Masala, Chicken Korma, and few naans.

Indian: 4-5 kinds of curry (Chicken Korma, Tikka Masala, along with few more which I can’t remember their name), naan bread, onion bhajjis, etc. (and sorry, I have no idea how to call then in Hindi.)

I don’t have much “taste-database” for Indian food. In my opinion their smell were alright. Their taste weren’t that strong to my taste, probably better suit European people around here than me. I bet you can get more “Indian” taste somewhere else, but again, it’s alright given it’s All-you-can-eat status.

My second plate was Thai food. I am Thai, so this time I could be sure about the taste.

cosmo10Thai: Pad thai, barbecue pork, Thai chicken curry (มัสมั่นไก่ /mas-man-kai/), Thai green curry (เขียวหวานไก่ /kwew-hwan-kai/), and, of course, Tom Yum soup (ต้มยำ /tom-yum/). Few Thai snack included.

Now I was sure about the comment I made regarding the Indian dish previously. Their smell were alright, their taste were not quite. You can definitely find the better taste at any other Thai restaurants. But again, it’s what you should expect from a buffet.

That completed our Asian tour, it’s time to go west.

cosmo11 cosmo12 cosmo13

Italian: few types of pizza, and few types of pasta.

European: roasted pork, roast beef, and olive.

British: sausages, Yorkshire pudding, and some fried chicken? (I had no idea, but it’s in the same counter.)

The roast meats were great. The other, again, were about average. Other than those menu I chose there were few more items, notably the grill station with flame-grilled meat and vegetables.

That was a lot of food by now. It’s time for some dessert. This place never let us down, there were huge choices of dessert; variety of cake and moose. Jelly, chocolate fountain etc. The dessert’s taste were surprisingly great.

cosmo15 cosmo14That was all a very big meal. The price tag is vary across time and day of the week. My dinner meal was £13.99. (I think the lunch time is about £7.99) Few words of warning, the drink is not included in the price.

Conclusion: the food variety is good. As it’s the All-you-can-eat, you might be able to find the food with better taste at each respective restaurant for each country. The decoration and service are all good. So if you’d like to travel across the globe (almost) in a single meal, this is the place.


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