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I am turning 25

This post serves as a milestone (after the previous one few years back) that I’m turning 25.
This 25th year is quite a remarkable age.
In western culture, this is where a child (or teenager, for that matter) turns to be a grown-up.
In my country Thailand, though, this year marks the transition between life’s periods and,thus, is said that many bad lacks will happen.
Some people say these bad lucks are there as challenges to make you more ‘endurable’ as an adult, some say they are there just because, basically, they are there.
In any cases, this truely is a time for many things to be set in motions.
Let’s see what will happen in the next episode of my life.

There are many things I want to do, to learn, to create.
Usually, most of them are never completed.
From now on I will put more commitment into all these things.
They must be done!

As usual, there will be a little program I’m releasing as my gift to the world.
This year, of couse, there is one.
It is a Matlab text rendering function.
To my surprise, in the almighty Matlab, there is no such a way to render text string directly into an image.
While it is a standard in most image processing libraries to render some texts into pixel images, Matlab’s ‘matrix’ and ‘text object’ can’t do such a work!
Nevertheless, this function should do the job.
But since there are many details to be documented, I’m afraid anyone have to wait a little bit for me to write them.

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