Matlab script for sending notification emails

There are so many times that we need to run our Matlab scripts for a very long time. They could take hours or up to days.
Of course , we will never sit down and look at them during this whole period of time. We normally let them run on their own and go out for shopping, especially if your code is running on a server or on a remote computer.

However, many times that we feel insecure, worrying whether our codes are still running normally or dead already. Are there any errors arise? How much are the current progresses? Are they finished already? This is where this little script comes in handy.

NotifyMe script for Matlab let us send notification emails right from our Matlab code to your (or any other) mailbox.

Very simple to use. You can implement them to alert you in any situations you want. If you have a smartphone with a push email service, this script will let you follow your program in a real time, from anywhere with Internet access.

Download here: NotifyMe

How to use:

1. Initialise this service by using command


where address is your email address                      (* Required*)
password is your email password                            (* Required*)
server is your email account smtp server            (Leave empty for default server: Gmail)
port is your email account smtp port                    (Leave empty for default server: Gmail)

Don’t worry, I do not collect your password.

2. To send a notification use this command


where text is a email message body.

P.S. This script is written and tested in Matlab 7 (R2010a) 

P.S. This script is released to celebrate my birthday ~~

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