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US Censorship on the Internet

At the time of this writing (16 November 2011), US Congress is trying to pass their new laws which could threaten the entire Internet. Those laws are the PROTECT-IP Act (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). It’s a very big disappointment of mine to see the US government, which should stand as a model of liberalism, to think they can stop the online piracies and promoting entertainment industries by taking control over the internet. The piracy-related website and their users can always finding many workarounds to avoid this kind of action. However, using this act, the government and many related sectors could easily shutdown many public service that they feel not comfortable with, or could even use it to shutdown their competitors’ business. This kind of law will just destroy may good services nowadays and return everything in the Internet back to the dark, uncontrolled sources.

Sadly to see the US government going to make the same mistake as some under-developed countries.

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This post dedicates to the liberalism, free speech, democracy, and the future of the technology.

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