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Online photo editor, Pixlr

If you sometimes need a photo editor to fix and improve your photos, but you don’t have one. The famed Adobe Photoshop is too heavy (and too expansive, of course!). There are many good free and light weight photo editors to use as an alternative. For example, is a very light, free , easy-to-use photo editor. Gimp, well known among Linux users, provides rich features, full-function editors, yet quite hard to use for beginners.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable to download and install these software on your computer, you might consider this online photo editor. The Pixlr is a online photo editor which provide a full-function, easy-to-use, and Photoshop-like photo editing experience. The great thing about this one is that it’s really similar to Photoshop, which made me, as well as any other Photoshop users, to start working with it right away.

It can open images from your computer or open directly from URLs. It can also save images onto your computer or directly save and share images to various online albums.

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