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TUSO is twitter friendly!

Because there are so many TUSO member using Twitter lately, so now twitter is become one of the most important communication channels between our group. Actually we use it in place of telephone, chat room, sms, and even mouth! , for both serious data and “Krean”-type data. Yesterday, one of my friends (@leelaS) ask me to bring a tag “twitter friendly” and attaches it at TUSO’s door. After spend an hour (which almost not enough for use already!), I got this thing:

I think this should be look nice enough isn’t it? It’s very pretty especially the blue violinist on the right of the tag ^^. I’m personally like this “violinist” very much, so cute! May be I will introduce another twitbird musicians  next time (then end up with the twit-orchestra).

Bigger picture for blue twitbird violinist:

Its face SURELY looks innocent! If it’s a true  TUSO bird, no wondering what it’s think when its face looks like this 😛

One thought on “TUSO is twitter friendly!

  1. น่าร้า…ก แปะหน้าห้องวงเพื่อการโฆษณา คิดได้ เจ๋งค่ะพี่ @LeelaS

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