TUSO Piano Festival

Yesterday I just performed in TUSO Piano Festival as a part of TU string orchestra (For those who don’t known, I am also an amateur Double Bassist). This is a first semester concert of Thammasat University Symphony Orchestra (TUSO for short), and this is the very first time of piano concert, 9 pieces from 9 piano soloist. This concert divided into 2 parts, the Piano solo part and string orchestra part.

1st Half, Piano Solo
This half is the piece performed by TUSO’s pianist group, which is the main objective for this concert to make an opportunity for these people to perform to public. Actually there are so many pieces so I even can’t remember all of them (I don’t have the program note right now). But I can says that this is the one of the best and highest quality concert ever! Most of the pieces played are very popular and impressive, the soloists also did their best to bring his/her pieces to the audience with real taste of the pieces.I also can says that I really like some pieces so I decided to practice them myself in case that I have my free time. Pathetique Sonata of Beethoven and Rumba Toccata by N’Fah are an example of those pieces.
TUSO Piano group
Piano Festival

2nd half, String Orchestra
In the 2nd half is the pieces performed by TUSO String Orchestra, which I also played in this part. There are 4 pieces totally for this part, which are Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No.3-1, Tchaikovsky’s Elegy, Colleri’s Concerto Grosso, and Jenkin’s Paladio. For me, the Brandenbung concerto is the HARDEST piece I ever played in my life as double bassist. Actually the reason that I can played this thing is because I tried to play this thing more than a year ago, from that until now, I can’t says I can played this piece perfectly. Yesterday concert is just an biggest successful survival of mine. Someone says that I can really graduate from Music college if I can play this piece successfully. Moreover, practicing this song together with many Quintet performance already make me to see doctor for healing my hand. Elegy is the piece that make me got an headache due to their very hard figure in the piece. Fortunately, the group of low string can manage to pass through this easier than I thought. The last piece is Paladio, the song which wake up most of audience and make concert got very big ending.
TUSO String Orchestra
TUSO Sting Orchestra

Audience Feedback
As I heard from my friends, my juniors, and the others member of TUSO, the sound of this concert is very good. Actually everyone say that this is one of the best concert ever heard, how surprise! Even though some of them have headache for consuming too much Chopin as a first classical concert. I have to say that I, myself, also really happy and proud in this concert. Thank you for everyone who join us, all my EC juniors, Pao and Pong, N’Ja and Haru, and, most of all, our TUSO!

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