Convert .bin/.cue to .iso in Linux

If you ever encountered situation like this:
– You want some program so you find it in google
– You found that program, how fortunate, their are disk image available for download
– You download that program, full of hope and happy
– Download is completed. You open it, and SHOCK! That image is in .bin and .cue format!
– You found no way to mount, to burn, or just to read that disk image.
– You tried to use google to find the way. Google tell you that .bin/.cue can be opened by either Nero, Deamon Tool, or Alcohol every popular disk mounter support this file type.
– Then what! You are using Linux, those programs are not for you for sure! (Or even Windows Vista and Windows 7 user, you also encounters some problems with those programs for sure!)
– At last, you can just say good bye to that image and you downloaded program. No hope , so sad.

But wait! if you are Linux user (especially Ubuntu, Mint or whatever in this family), their are a way for you!!
Just like a light for heaven, sending by God, Just like a drop of water in the great desert. Just like a …. thing that Windows cannot DO!

This is the program called bchunk (BinChunker) .
This very little, Terminal base program can convert those troublesome .bin/.cue files into a very simple, useful, lovely .iso format! If you interested in using this program, this is the way to do:

1. Open Terminal
2. Install BinChunker by this commade:
sudo aptitude install bchunk
3. After install complete, just using it!

BinChunker syntax
bchunk [-v] [-p] [-r] [-w] [-s] {image.bin} {image.cue} {basename}
Available options:
-v – Makes binchunker print some more unnecessary messages, which should not be of interest for anyone.
-w – Makes binchunker write audio tracks in WAV format.
-s – Makes binchunker swap byte order in the samples of audio tracks.
-p – Makes binchunker go into PSX mode and truncate MODE2/2352 tracks to 2336 bytes at offset 0 instead of normal 2048 bytes at offset 24.
-r – Makes binchunker output MODE2/2352 tracks in raw format, from offset 0 for 2352 bytes. Good for MPEG/VCD.
bchunk IMAGE.bin IMAGE.cue IMAGE.iso

From now on, their are no need to care about that .bin/.cue anymore. Just use .iso to mount, to burn, and to install downloaded program that you’re waiting for a long time!


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