Linux Mint 7 : Gloria

After I traveled through many of Linux distribution, started from Fedora core 7 so many years ago, until OpenSuSE and Ubuntu in these late year. I just want some OS that very easy to use, but also beautiful to look. In my opinion, Ubuntu is the easiest one to use for sure, no others distro can ever compete how easy to use terminal, tons of packages, and many supports. But Ububtu is very bad looking, just like coming from ten years ago. OpenSuSE is much better interface than Ubuntu, actually, it very proud of there YAST control center “Can do everything in one place”. But since OpenSuSE is a kind of RPMs linux family, so there are more difficult to install new package than Debian family like Ubuntu.

The Linux Mint
is an alternative ways. It’s a Ubuntu derivative, means developed from Ubuntu, but rich in many beautiful features. Actually, the goal of developing Mint is to improve the looking and easy-to-use of Ubuntu. As I mention, Ubuntu is one of the easiest Linux ever, so Mint that improve from Ubuntu is beyond the word easy to use.It can install many things very easy just like in Ubuntu, but also come instantly with many important packages just like multimedia codec, flash plug-in, gnome do, and many useful package that Ubuntu user always install.

The Linux Mint 7 Gloria, the brand new version of Mint, is just came out. From my opinion, the interface of Mint 7 Gloria is just like copy form OpenSuSE, very good looking and easy to use. Every place like Application Luancher, Control Panel (which Ubuntu don’t have at all), and many application. So this Linux Mint is the final answer for those who want to use Linux, required for stability, easiness, and elegance. Mint is also my recommendation for those who boring with Microsoft’s pirate software and want to be in the world of Freedom, open-source software.

Desktop of Linux Mint 7 Gloria
Linux Mint  7 Gloria Control Center

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