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LaTeX on Ubuntu

LaTeX is a markup script for describe the writing journal or articles, especially for scientific and academic writing. In order to use LaTeX, what we need is the text editor to writing the TeX script, and LaTeX compiler to compile the TeX script into various format such as PDF, HTML, PS, and many other formats. However, writing the TeX script by ourselves can be a very bitter experience, especially if you not feel happy with writing a kind of programing code.
In case of Windows, we can find a TeX editor that create specially for use with LaTeX writing such as WinEdit, or TeXnicCenter. Most of these program are shareware. Fortunately, for linux (in my case, Ubuntu) user that there are so many opensource and/or freeware to deal with LaTeX. TexLive is the LaTeX compiler used to compile TeX script into other format, this come with so many plugin that can describe almost every type of article/journal in the world. We can use TexLive with any text editor in linux.
There also have a kind of complete-integrated suite for LaTeX such as Kile (short for KDE Integrated LaTeX Editor) and Texmaker. Kile is a very complete LaTeX environment but since its is an KDE native program, so it required a lot of KDE library in order to work. In case that we use gnome desktop and do not want to ruin it with KDE library, we should select to use Texmaker.
In order to use Texmaker, just open the terminal and type
sudo apt-get install texmaker
and there will be prompt to download and install around 220 MB with all of its dependencies. After that, just try!!
Texmaker environment is a kind very similar to other programing environment, with big text editor in a center, and many buttons and taps to help in writing TeX script. It also has an important feature of code coloring and autocomplete as well.

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