TUbuntu Project

I have dreamed for some day I can build my own OS. I also dreamed if one day my beloved university will have its own OS. So now when I gather enough information and experience in operating system art and science, I’ve decide to build my first OS to be my university OS. This project is named TUbuntu Linux and, with help of my friends, I’m aiming this TUbuntu to be official operating system for all computer system in Thammasat University.

TUbuntu Desktop
TUbuntu Desktop
Boot Screen
Boot Screen

This project is mainly improving and modification of Ubuntu Linux. The name TUbuntu is came from Thammasat University Ubuntu Linux (follow the tradition of another Ubuntu based distro). At this time, the TUbuntu Linux is the modified version of Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex), with the changed boot splash, GDM theme, Desktop background, and Live CD menu to be more like “TU” style. Now I am looking forward to change another ubuntu logo into TU logo, and also trying to change some default packages to be better ones.

The main purpose for this project is that

1. I’d like to make use of the “Proudly TU Honour” to make more people interested in Linux and others opensource programs. Trying to promote free and legal software.
2. Make it easy to support, since all the OS was my version so I can easily answer their questions or prepare useful package for their use in one place.
3. It helps improve the image of the organization (in this case Thammasat University) to have their own system, or their own OS.
4. Actually, I just follow my dream to do this.

The current release of TUbuntu is alpha2.4, and now in developing period. I’m trying to make the first public release before the next semester.However, this project is currently one man project so the development may be quite slow and I welcome every one to join if you interested in it.</div>


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