“What do you do with Linux” Video Contest

Eventhough the “We’re Linux”, by Linux Foundation, is not be judged for winner, the new contest is going to begin.  “What do you do with Linux” video contest, sponsered by Novell, Intel, HP, and also Linux Foundation is now open to submit homemade video with 1 min. length telling what Linux can do, It’s can be about tutorial, solution, application or your story about “How linux help your life”. Submission deadline is on June 1, 09.
For more information, please visit


What do you do with Linux

What do you do with Linux?

The answer is as diverse and idiosyncratic as the millions of people who’ve joined the open source revolution. Perhaps it’s as simple as working faster and smarter. Perhaps it’s as big as changing the world.

Show us your Linux world.

Create a video short that completes the phrase, “What do you do with Linux?” Tell a story. Share an accomplishment. Create a how-to video. Just show us how us how Linux sparks your imagination—and helps you do more.

Actually, I also think about do some video into this contest, so I can be posted here on someday.


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