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New day with new Blog

After stop writing Blog, Diary, or whatever them called for many years, finally I’ve decision to restart writing it again. Since all along these 2-3 years, the blogs were changed so much. From Diary to Space in that day, then becoming many many blog this day. The reasons the do this blog are the will to share my so-called knowledge to another one. Since I have pass through many interesting things lately (some are fun, most are serious), even I myself can forget something away, so I will write these “knowing” here for me and others can read and know what to do. The other reason of writing this blog is that I should have a free time now. So I should have time to do something I couldn’t do for years. While I’ve tried to update my Hi5(which update twice a year!) or my facebook(which update little more than hi5), then I think I can spend my time more valuable if I write some more serious stuff here, and frequently update it, hopefully. For the one who confusing what are the knowledge I talked, I tried to write anything I recently learn here. Since I’m the student of Communication Engineering, so the part of this will go through their. And I also very interest in many kind computer related, such as programing and graphic design, so they will go though here too. Lastly, since I somehow love music and have been so deep in Thailand musician community for all these years, so many things about the music of all kinds, mostly on classical and theory, could be here also.

This is the first post just for encourage myself so its somehow so long, but I tries to make clear why I’ve to write this blog for everyone who wonder, including me actually. The last thing is about the language, notice that this post is writen in English, and I’ll try to write most of them in English in case that of some “International” pass here. However, some post may be wrtien in Thai since it was my native language.

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